Ready-Made Themes

All Soocommerce ecommerce packages have ready-made themes for your ecommerce website, you can choose the theme you want, you can switch to another theme at any time. In addition, some design settings can be made via the control panel.

  • User Friendly

    Soocommerce e-commerce system is a fast e-commerce system that runs on high-power servers that are programmed with functionality, without any unnecessary code. Soocommerce, which has all the features required in an e-commerce system, gives you the possibility to use the features you want. Soocommerce’s alll programming is based on ease of use, and it is the ideal ecommerce system for your products.

  • Outstanding Performance in Search Engines

    With Soocommerce, your e-commerce website will rank high on search engines. The complete search engine optimization system has a dynamic and automatic link generation feature and dynamic sitemap plugin. In addition, product-specific keyword identification is available. Parallel to these, you will achieve a noticeable success in search engines, primarily on Google.

Secure Infrastructure

All Soocommerce e-commerce packages are secured with 128 bit SSL certificate and improved superior software. (The relevant SSL certificate is accepted by all banks and works well in all browsers.) Your customers' personal information as well as order and payment information is always secure.

Training, Technical Support

Soocommerce customers can provide technical support via e-mail about the system at any time. (At the system startup, the user is given a detailed training about the control panel, and also in SEO training.)

Maintenance, Backup

All Soocommerce e-commerce systems are constantly backed up and developed. Both your website files and the database are backed up and stored at regular intervals, eliminating the risk of possible loss of data.

Category Management

You can add an unlimited number of categories and unlimited number of subcategories.

Product Management

You can add an unlimited number of products and you can edit the products. You can define products on an unlimited number of categories. The product insert page is designed flexible. Thanks to the Custom Editor you can design custom sales page for each product, you can use HTML code. Soocommerce E-commerce offers you a product page that you can edit entirely instead of a product page with option options as in standard software.

Whole Product Update

Thanks to Soocommerce Whole Product Update module, you can update all the products in the system in minutes with standard or pre-defined macros on a single page.

Store Management

Incoming orders can be displayed instantly thanks to status reports. You can list and view incoming orders by the Order Types. Thanks to Order Tracking feature, you can define unlimited status update information to the generated order number. In the status update, you can send sms and e-mails to the customer instantly or update the hidden status. Soocommerce E-commerce has a Buy Now feature in addition to shopping with Membership. The person who buys with the Buy Now system is not confronted with the complex membership pages. Thanks to the individual basket application, the customer adds his products to the cart without registration and can switch to the payment screen

Stock Management

All Soocommerce e-commerce packages are secured with 128 bit SSL certificate and improved superior software. (The relevant SSL certificate is accepted by all banks and works well in all browsers.) Your customers' personal information as well as order and payment information is always secure.

Basket management

Thanks to the customized cart system customer can shop without any need to sign up and can use his own cart till the end of shopping. And thanks to the connected cart system he can see the total amount and his products on the cart blog online.

Payment Modules

There are payment modules including Payment by Wire Transfer within e-Commerce Software, Payment by Credit Card, Paying at the door, Paying by Paypal. Banks have Virtual Pos and 3D Secure Pos infrastructure. Bank information identification feature is available for sales by wire transfer / EFT. There is also payment notification module for customers to submit a payment notification. Payment Notifications can be viewed online thanks to the status reports. Soocommerce Ecommerce Software is compatible with Virtual Pos and 3D Secure Pos systems of all banks. In addition to the standard payment modules, Soocommerce Ecommerce Software includes alternative payment infrastructures such as iyzico, Payu, Paypal and Stripe. Payment modules can be activated and passivated from the Control Panel.

Advanced Variant Management

Ecommerce offers unlimited variant identification feature which is specific to the product. You can choose product-specific unlimited color, size, height and so on. This module, which is the new version of variant system, works under the product options menu. In this system, color, size or option can be selected for the product within a few seconds, and also each option can be determined separately stock, price or picture.

Brand Management.

You can define unlimited brands and you can define unlimited products to brands. With brand filtering option, you can list specific products for brand. Also with Brand Listing module, you can also create boutique e-commerce pages brand filter oriented.

  • Cargo management

    • Desi account cargo fee
    • Fixed cargo fee
    • Product specific cargo fee
    • Desi account cargo fee
    • Cargo fee by country
    • In addition to the shipping charge, you can add a service charge and payment to the pay at the door. You can offer shipping discounts in a basket above a certain price, you can make Free Shipping completely or partially.

  • Cargo integrations

    Soocommerce includes a package tracking module called Basic Query in all its packages as standard. When you enter the cargo tracking code for UPS, DHL, TNT, FEDEX, the system sends the tracking link and tracking information to the user with the help of SMS Assistant module. The user can view the cargo movement details without entering a separate page.

Marketplace XML Integrations

You can easily display your products in marketplaces like Amazon, Ebay, Wish thanks to XML Output module.Some modules may come free of charge in the package. Some may be charged.

XML Supplier Integrations

Thanks to Ecommerce Integrated package, you can add your company's products to your site with one-click and you can make inventory control with one-click and update your products. You can use the XML Supplier Integration module by purchasing the Soocommerce Growth package.

Live Support Integration

Live Support Integration. With the integration of live support, you can help visitors of your ecommerce site online. You can increase your sales with online support services.

SEO Optimization

A special seo system is used in the core structure of Soocommerce Ecommerce Software. Special sections are added to the Product, Content and News pages. Full SEF Link feature is available. All page extensions work with the SEF infrastructure. For example [14-nokia-mobile-phone-satinal.html] There is also a Google Directory API system. From the moment you use the software, you can easily start getting hits from google without getting any advertising or link support.

Promotion, Gift Card

You can generate special promotional code and offer the opportunity to shop with this promotional code. You can define a discount (%) or a gift card for the promotional codes.

Content management

With Content Management you can create unlimited fixed content pages, news and blogs. If you wish, you can create a corporate web page by completely disabling the payment and cart system by enabling the system to work only on the content infrastructure.

Advanced Currency System

Thanks to the Currency Module, currency information is withdrawn from Yahoo online. Thanks to the automatic exchange rate and TL output system, you can easily sell in USD, EUR and TL at the same time.

Advanced Language Management System

Thanks to the advanced language management module you can sell to many different countries. With location-based IP recognition feature, your e-commerce site opens with the language of the country where the visitors view your site thanks to the language options supported by your site.