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Advanced Ecommerce Features

optimised Custom design

You can choose your e-commerce website among our designs with international concepts. In the designs you prefer in the premium package, we can reflect your dream to your website using html, css and Javascript.

Çoklu Dil ve Çoklu Para Birimi Multi-Language and Multi-Currency

Your ecommerce website has a language management module that allows you to sell across the border. You can advertise all around the world. It can receive payment in any currency and provides excellent localization.

Uluslar arası kargo entegrasyonu International Shipping Integrations

For each shipment on your ecommerce website, you can create shipments using the infrastructure of international shipping companies integrated into our system. Your customers can check the shipping tracking status of their orders.

Pazar Yeri entegrasyonu Marketplace Integration

Your ecommerce store will enable you to make multichannel sales through overseas market integration. You can list your products automatically and update your prices or other information on platforms such as Amazon, Ebay, Wish.

powerfull Global Payment Systems

In addition to domestic and foreign payment agencies, you can integrate your ecommerce store into virtual posts of banks where you can make cross-border foreign currency exchange. Get paid in just a few steps

Global Teknik Alt Yapılar Global Technical Infrastructure

You can increase your sales using a large number of marketing tools integrated in your ecommerce store. Sit back and enjoy the customer service, security and sales infrastructure. Give direction to your exports with easy installation and knowledgebase support

Most Advanced Ecommerce System


Advanced Ecommerce Plans

Create your global Ecommerce website!

  • Use Your Own Domain

    Choose your website name for overseas sales. Register on our site. Start selling with your own domain.

  • Choose Your Website Design

    Choose one of the mobile compatible designs that we prepared for each sector. Create a request if you want custom design.

  • Add Your Products

    Add your products to your overseas sales website. You can add products in many languages.

  • Choose Your Payment System

    Choose one or more of the payment systems in our system for your overseas sales website. Easily complete the necessary steps and start receiving payments immediately.

  • Your Overseas Sales Website is Ready

    You can control your website from the control panel. Easily add your other information, such as address and logo. Strengthen your page through the knowledge base page.

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