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optimised Custom design

You can choose your e-commerce website among our designs with international concepts. In the designs you prefer in the premium package, we can reflect your dream to your website using html, css and Javascript.

Çoklu Dil ve Çoklu Para Birimi Multi-Language and Multi-Currency

Your ecommerce website has a language management module that allows you to sell across the border. You can advertise all around the world. It can receive payment in any currency and provides excellent localization.

Uluslar arası kargo entegrasyonu International Shipping Integrations

For each shipment on your ecommerce website, you can create shipments using the infrastructure of international shipping companies integrated into our system. Your customers can check the shipping tracking status of their orders.

Pazar Yeri entegrasyonu Marketplace Integration

Your ecommerce store will enable you to make multichannel sales through overseas market integration. You can list your products automatically and update your prices or other information on platforms such as Amazon, Ebay, Wish.

powerfull Global Payment Systems

In addition to domestic and foreign payment agencies, you can integrate your ecommerce store into virtual posts of banks where you can make cross-border foreign currency exchange. Get paid in just a few steps

Global Teknik Alt Yapılar Global Technical Infrastructure

You can increase your sales using a large number of marketing tools integrated in your ecommerce store. Sit back and enjoy the customer service, security and sales infrastructure. Give direction to your exports with easy installation and knowledgebase support

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About Cross-Border E-Commerce

E-export is an international trade model using internet technologies to sell products and services abroad and to find customers from abroad.
First of all, you must have an e-export site that accepts international payments and supports foreign languages. In addition to your target markets, you should list your products on international retail and wholesale platforms such as Amazon, Alibaba, Etsy, Rakuten, and so on. You can place search ads in your targeted markets. With your product's HS Code, you can directly reach the importers and market your products.
With e-export, it is possible to access marketing structures such as retail, wholesale, sell on the marketplace, abroad dealership system and inviting customers to your business.
Electronic Commerce Customs Declaration is a statement issued electronically by Postal and Express Cargo Carriers, so operators in export.
You do not need to pay customs brokerage (declaration) and warehouse fees. It does not require a power of attorney. It saves you time by not dealing with paperwork. Allows you to receive a VAT refund for your shipment.
An Export Information Form (Stamp and Signed) obtainable from the carrier cargo company. Turkish invoice approved by the Ministry Invoice in English to be used in the declaration in the countries of destination.
While giving the call record, it is stated by the sender that the shipment will be exported with the Express Export service. The originals of the documents are given to the cargo courier who receives the shipment. The courier, who receives the shipment, sticks an EXPORT label on the packages and delivers it to the responsible operators in the operation centre to which it is affiliated. The shipment is transferred to Atatürk Airport on the next business day and taken to the export warehouse, ECCD is given and send abroad. The following business day, ECCD documents are sent to the sender via e-mail.
You can request a VAT refund by submitting the printout of the ECCD, which has been electronically approved by the Customs Directorate and transferred to the TOAP (Tax Offices Automation Project) system, to the tax office. In cases where the ECCD breakdown cannot be printed, the cargo operator will provide you with a letter containing information on the statement issued. You can request a VAT refund to the tax office by submitting this letter and the list attached to the declaration.
By your request, the cargo company automatically provides a daily ECCD notice to your specified mail address regarding shipments made with Express Export.
Thanks to our developed IP recognition technology, you can own multi-language optioned pages on your e-export site as Turkish, English, Arabic, Russian, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Dutch. By this feature, the page opens in the language of the country where is entered from. Therefore, it is possible to attract customers with a strategy called location-based marketing. Likewise, you can turn your products and services into sales by attracting buyers directly to your site with google ads in target languages.
The payment system is one of the important factors which facilitates international marketing. You are enabled to receive payment from whole around the world by integration of various international payment companies, virtual pos and wallet options. For instance, your customers pay online in currencies such as Russian Ruble from the Russian Market, US Dollar from American Market or Euro from European Market.
By the payment integration, you are enabled to view the payments, sales and other actions in your account both on your panel and through the online application of the payment institution.
International e-commerce sites are platforms where you can sell abroad. First of all, check whether your product's shipping fees, overseas sales prices, prohibited and unlimited products for sale. There are many channels where you can sell internationally in product groups that meet these conditions and have a competitive opportunity. In addition to Amazon, it is possible to take part in many sales platforms such as eBay, Etsy, Wish, Rakuten, Zalando, Souq.
Get resellers with online advertising as well as dealer finding platforms abroad. It is possible to find dealers in targeted countries with an e-export website with foreign language support and receiving international payments. By defining a dealer code to your customers, you can market your products with specified discounts.
Your e-export site provides you convenience in performing transactions such as cargo and collection. Apart from small sample shipments, it is also possible to find customers with whom you can sell a lot, especially if your e-export site contains an SEO structure.
The e-export system is primarily based on a structure that will require you to work with serious follow-up and devotion. You must have a good knowledge of the language or have staff. It is possible to focus directly on your target market by providing 1-year foreign personnel from abroad such as AISEC organization.
If the amount of a shipment is 7500 Euros, you can provide it with our system without the need for customs declaration and other official processes. As a continuation of the same order, it is possible to collect 7500 Euros (10, 100 times) and get your money into your account by sorting your shipments.
The e-export system we have developed; enables multi-channel marketing models such as retail sales, wholesale sales, sales on marketplace platforms, sales of your products on vertical sectoral sites, distributors and dealerships abroad.
Our company gives training seminars about e-export as digitalization in export and export more by e-export; to Turkey Exporters Assembly, exporter associations, chambers of industry, free zones and various non-governmental organizations.
E-export brings along many great opportunities. Especially labor costs in developed countries and long-term shipping times from countries such as China offer the opportunity to turn competition into a serious opportunity. It is possible for companies that apply integrated marketing models with various sales channel to export to more than one country. On the retail side, in addition to VAT refund, you will be able to sell products with a few folds of profit.

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